Railings and Balconies in Saint-Constant

Have a durable balcony installed that requires no maintenance!

Do you live in Saint-Constant and need high-quality railings and a balcony? Balcon Techno Fibres manufactures railings and balconies from fiberglass and aluminum and has been installing them solidly for 20 years. Holding a valid general contractor's license from the Régie du bâtiment, our company employs experienced installers who are trained as carpenters (with competency cards).
Our services for installing or replacing balconies, decks, railings, and stairs are available to homeowners, cottage owners, plex, large apartment buildings or condo owners, as well as business owners.

Balconies That Last And Withstand Everything!

Is it really worth investing in a fiberglass balcony with an aluminum base or a fiberglass staircase with an aluminum stringer? Well, think about all the time you will spend maintaining your wooden or metal staircase or balcony, only to see it deteriorate in just a few years! After 25 years, you would have paid more by having your balcony replaced two or three times than if you had installed an ultra-durable fiberglass balcony.
Furthermore, fiberglass balconies are very aesthetic: they have a modern and stylized look, and several colors are available. Indeed, the fiberglass is coated with a layer of urethane in a color of your choice, which seals the surface and makes it even more waterproof! It is worth noting that choosing a light color can reduce the heat of the surface during heatwaves.

Several Models of Balconies Offered

Several models of balconies and decks are available. These will be manufactured according to your dimensions and your choice of railings, which are also offered in several colors and styles. Even for country homes, fiberglass decks are perfect as you can simply choose a traditional color for the floor and railings in the same color as the window frames and front door.

Call Us Or Write To Us!

To get answers to all your questions about the balconies, decks, railings, and stairs we offer to homeowners and business owners in Saint-Constant, contact us. We will provide you with a free quote!

Railing balcony Saint-Constant

Railing balcony Saint-Constant

Railing balcony Saint-Constant

Railing balcony Saint-Constant

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